Thursday, March 27, 2008

Web page designs

The week before the Spring Break I attended two class sessions of the Graphics Arts class taught by Tom Mchaud.

The two sessions were to observe student presentations on ideas for a new library web page. This was an assignment for each student. As a result, I saw 20 different ideas on how our web page should look.

The 20 designs were different, interesting, and varied from each other. Many students suggesting putting a line on the front page listing the library's hours FOR THAT DAY. Also, fairly common was a monthly calendar on the page with a link for each day with the events and hours for that day. Both very interesting. I have been thinking of ways to accomplish one or the other.

I plan to have a session soon in the Instruction Lab and present the twenty ideas.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Welcome to this experiment. It is a method of creating conversation between and amongst the faculty and staff of the James White Library.

A current topic is: ideas for the Staff Development committee. Some suggestions have been made. A trip to a local Innovative library and training for all of us on Word 2007.